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Pay Off Debt…                     Lose Weight….                       Get Fit…. 
What is your intention for the New Year?
How will you stick to your resolutions?

Join a Fearless Book Group
and discover how to keep your promises to you!

Take a chance… and change the way you think (and feel) about your self, your work, your relationships and your life while learning how to get unstuck for good!
Join me, Lynne Fisher, a Fearless Living Life Coach PC, for an hour each week and discover how working with a group of like minded individuals, committed to supporting each other can help you move beyond your fears and fulfill your dreams.
You’ll learn to master the fears that keep you feeling like a true success and having the life you want!! This unique fearless book group will include discovering your wheels!
Meetings will take place, via
telephone conference
Wednesday evenings from 8pm – 9pm
We will begin Wednesday, January 30th,
and continue for 8 weeks.
Course Fee is $80; $10 per class
Register and pay in full by January 16th and receive one class free
For Information, questions and to register contact Lynne at 914.946.5404 OR FearlessLynne@gmail.com 

Collaborative Project

Okay ladies and gentlemen..... I would like to something really cool..... I would like to do a collaborative LJ fl journal. I start it with decorating or writing in two pages of the journal. I then send it on to the next person who signs up for it. Then we can either have that person send it back to me and I send it to the next person on the list, or they send it to someone on their fl and when the book is done it gets sent back to me.....

What do you all think? Who is willing to do this? What if I do both options???

So vote in the poll. The results are screened so only I can see them :) Join in the fun.... this will be really cool!

Enter your opinions on here.

**If this is against the rules I apologize, please delete if inappropriate**

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Fearless Book Group starting in November!

What if I told you... you could change the way you think (and feel) about your work, your relationships and your life while learning how to get unstuck for good, eliminate negative self-talk forever and become fearless!

Join this Fearless Book Group TODAY!

Discover how working with a group of like-minded individuals, committed to supporting each other can help you move beyond fear to a life where risks will be taken, opportunities seized, and your dreams fulfilled.

Using the principles and tools in Rhonda Britten’s pioneering book, Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret, and the Fearless Study Guide you'll learn how to master the fears that keep you from feeling like a true success and having the life you want.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the life you have, I invite you to join this Fearless Book Group and experience Fearless Living.

Meetings will take place Wednesday evenings
from 8:00pm – 9:00pm Eastern time via telephone conference
and will begin Wednesday, November 14th
and continue for 10 weeks.
Course fee is $100; $10 per class/hour.

You’re worth it!

This class will be facilitated by Lynne Fisher, current program candidte in the Fearless Living Life Coaching program. www.fearlessliving.org 

The book can be purchased on amazon.com for about $3.00!


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Music Link

I did it!!! This is where you can go to hear the music I made for the boy. It isn't all that sophisticated or great, but I am uber proud to have gotten my proggies working and then get it up on the net! I have been working on this for awhile!

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By Dr. Margaret Paul

If you feel alone, empty, anxious, depressed, hurt, angry, jealous, sad, fearful, guilty or shamed, you are abandoning yourself. In this article, discover the ways you might be abandoning yourself.

The Encarta(r) World English Dictionary defines "abandon" as: "to leave somebody or something behind for others to look after, especially somebody or something meant to be a personal responsibility."

As adults, our own wellbeing is our personal responsibility.

Do you abandon yourself, instead making others responsible for you, and then feel abandoned by others when they leave you or don't take responsibility for you?

As an adult, another person cannot abandon you, since they are not responsible for you. We can abandon a child, an ill person or an old person - someone who cannot take care of themselves. But if you are a physically healthy adult, you can be left, but you cannot be abandoned by others. Only you can abandon you.

What are the ways you might be abandoning yourself?

Judging Yourself

How often do you judge yourself with comments to yourself such as:

"You are not good enough." "You are inadequate."

"You are stupid." "You are an idiot."

"You are ugly." "You are not attractive enough."

"If you fail you are not okay."

"If someone rejects you, you are not okay."

"It's all your fault that...."

"You will never amount to anything. You are a failure. You are not reaching your potential."

...and so on.

Just as a small child feels alone and abandoned when a parent is harsh and judgmental, so our own inner child feels alone and abandoned when you judge yourself. Self judgment not only creates inner feelings of aloneness and emptiness, but it also creates feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, fear, guilt and shame. Then what do you do when you have judged yourself and created all these painful feelings?



Hello everyone :)  I am new to this group.  I joined because I have lived in fear a great portion of my life.  And part of me is still living in fear.  There is a small part of me that fears that I am not good enough, and this is something that I am working with and have been working with recently.  

I know Who I Am and I am really trying to step into that space and start living fearlessly.  In order to fulfill my Purpose in life, I need to step aside from my fears.  So I am joining this group and hoping to be able to express these things as they come up and to be supported in living fearlessly and support others in that same thing. 

Namaste dear ones.  Thank you!

Affinity Group

For anyone who has read any of the Paul Ferrini books, and even for those who have not, I have started an online Affinity Group on LJ.  It is affinity_group.  Come and check it out.  We still have 4 spaces left.  

Please, only dedicated people join.  Thank you :)
determined, strong soul

Quotes of the Day

The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized - and never knowing ~ David Viscott

Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed. ~ Corita Kent
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inspirational video

found this on the internet. at work, we had a seminar for self-improvement and goals, and they made us watch this documentary about "the secret" of the law of attraction. interestingly, it was all the stuff my boyfriend had been telling me for the past 3 years, but in movie form.

u have to pay to watch the movie or buy the dvd, but they give u a free inspirational daily video.

watch the video...Collapse )


today is the beginning of my new life
i'm starting over today
all good thigs are coming to me today
i am grateful to be alive
i see beauty all around me
i live with passion and purpose
i take time to laugh and play every day
i am awake, energized, and alive
i focus on all the good things in life
and give thanks for them
i am at peace and one with everything
i feel the love, the joy, the abundance
i am free to be myself
i am magnificence in human form
i am the perfection of life
i am grateful to be...
today is the best day of my life


I feel good today,
Maybe because i socialised more. Ironically i thought thats what I was avoiding, trying to avoid them until I can solve my problems. I guess they are still there BUT when you're happy it doesnt matter as much. Also this was the unexpected kind of happy event and not with the usual group, so I'll just see how it goes. NOt sure if theres many people here but the ones who are hope you're doing well :)
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